How to Easily Grow your Wholesale FBA business on Amazon

Selling on Amazon is fun. It’s an art when you know how to sell and what to sell on Amazon. When you’re working with the right products, Amazon drives crazy sales to your way.

Here at Lodhi Goods, we always try to get you the most selling products for Amazon. Since we purchase large variety from different brands and distributors, we are able to provide a huge product lines to our customers and reseller.

You can access our product catalog on our website and it is searchable as well. We also send an inventory feed to our active customers and resellers so you can better analyze the products.

Growing on Amazon is not that difficult as it sounds. You have to find the items that you can make at least $5 net profit and if you can sell at least 50 units of this item per month. so 50 x $5 = $250 net profit. When you rinse and repeat the process, let’s say you bring 10 items like this, it will be making you $2500 per month.

With Lodhi Goods, we will be able to help you set up your FBA shipping labels, this way, you can ship with the lowest possible prices that Amazon offers with its Partnered Shipping Carriers.

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